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A Different Kind of Conveyance Consulting Firm

Not every conveyance consulting firm is created equally, and at All Saints Conveyancing, we like to think of ourselves as a different kind of conveyancer consulting company. We are different in the industry because we aren't a major conglomerate, rather a family business that treats every client like our only client. We are different in how we help, beginning with the fact that we operate as a boutique business, so clients can decide how much or little conveyancer consultation help they need.

Welcome to All Saints Conveyancing and to a conveyance consulting firm that is here to help, regardless of how little or how much. Oh yes, that is something else that separates All Saints Conveyancing from the others, because we also offer a free one-hour conveyancer consultation so we can figure out what works best for you and just how exactly we can help. Buying and selling property is a big undertaking at All Saints Conveyancing we can help with all your conveyancing needs and concerns including:

  • Contract of Sale preparation

  • Preparing statutory declarations

  • Vendor’s statement and special clauses documentation

  • State Registry Office notifications

  • Notifying necessary councils and governing authorities of sale

These are a few of the many roles, tasks, and responsibilities that a conveyancing consulting firm can help with, and only a few ways All Saints Conveyancing can help with your next buy or sale. Save the time and cost of legwork. Save yourself headaches and worry by knowing that the necessary forms are being handled and the legal requirements are being met. Contact us for more information about how we can help, and schedule your consultation today with a member of the All Saints Conveyancing team.

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